Seeking Input on the Lower Trent Conservation Strategic Plan

Lower Trent Conservation is seeking your input on the development of a new strategic plan for our organization through an online survey.  There are 6 questions – it should only take a few minutes to complete.

A strategic plan is an important document to have – one that clearly expresses why we are here, what our goals are, and how we will achieve them.  Our first strategic plan was released in 1993, and updated in 2008.  We hope to release our new strategic plan in 2018, in time for our 50th anniversary.  The new strategic plan will guide us through the next 10 years.

We are currently seeking input under 6 areas:  drivers of change, values, area of jurisdiction, vision statement, mission statement, and business performance goals.

Please send your response by May 5, 2017.  

We look forward to your input!

Drivers of change are the opportunities, challenges and external forces that can affect how we plan for the future.

* 1. Lower Trent Conservation has identified the following drivers of change.  Please check all of the phrases that you feel affect how the Conservation Authority should plan for the future.


Our values are the essence of our identity – our principles, beliefs and philosophy. Our values guide our actions and shape the kind of organization we are.

* 2. Lower Trent Conservation has identified the following values for our organization.  Please check all of the values that you feel are important for your Conservation Authority.


Our area of jurisdiction, covering 2121 square kilometres, covers the watersheds of the eight main tributaries of the Trent River, along with smaller watersheds that flow directly to Lake Ontario and the Bay of Quinte. The watershed region includes the communities of Grafton, Colborne, Brighton, Trenton and Bayside on the southern boundary and Roseneath, Hastings, Campbellford, Stirling, and Ivanhoe to the north.

* 3. What one of these phrases do you feel best describes this region?


Our Vision is our dream.  It's what we believe are the ideal conditions for our watershed - how things would look if the issues important to us were completely and perfectly addressed. 

Our Vision Statement should be:
  • Understood and shared by members of the community
  • Broad enough to include a diverse variety of local perspectives
  • Inspiring and uplifting to everyone involved in your effort
  • Easy to communicate - for example, a vision statement is generally short enough to fit on a T-shirt

* 4. Which of the following key concepts do you think should be included in our vision statement?
Please select your top 2.


Our Mission Statement defines the purpose of Lower Trent Conservation.  It talks about the present leading to the future (how are we going to achieve our vision).  It answers three questions about why we exist:
  • WHAT we do
  • WHO we do it for
  • HOW we do what we do
The Mission Statement should be succinct and easy to remember.

* 5. Which of the following key concepts do you think should be included in our mission statement?  Please select your top 5.


To achieve our vision, Lower Trent Conservation must be effective and efficient in how it does business.

* 6. Lower Trent Conservation has identified the following Business Performance Goals for our organization.  Please check those that you feel are important for your Conservation Authority.


* 7. Do you live or work in the Lower Trent Conservation area of jurisdiction?  Check all that are applicable.

* 8. Optional

* 9. Do you want to be contacted further regarding development of this Strategic Plan?

Thank you for providing input to the development of our new strategic plan.  Please stay tuned.  We will be seeking further input later in the year as the strategy starts to take shape.

Yours in Conservation!

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Information you provide on this form is collected by Lower Trent Conservation in accordance with the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA), and will not be used for any purposes other than development of the Lower Trent Conservation strategic plan.

Questions about this collection should be directed to:
Chief Administrative Officer, 714 Murray St., Trenton, ON K8V 5P4. 613-394-4829.