The Goal Of This Course Is To Dramatically Increase Your Customer Engagement With Videos.


Suppose you were connecting with prospects and customers all over the world with a video series you produced, edited and marketed all on your own? Do you know that would save you tens of thousands of dollars?

Well, I'm very close to finishing all of the scripting and video production for the long-awaited, version II of Video Marketing Mastery On Your Mobile Phone.

As you may know, my last live course was 1 year ago, and I am finally going to wrap up the upgraded online course I promised. My goal is to release it in the next few weeks in Sept.

This time the course will include 4 weeks of easy-to-follow training videos PLUS a weekly 1-on-1 coaching session that will walk you through simple techniques on building a video series for your business.

Then you will have an opportunity to work with 2 very successful social media marketing specialists in the last 2 weeks. We will go more into How To Get Responses, Engagement, and Close Business by targeting the right markets.

I'm going to cover things like: 
  • Targeting the right audience
  • Video framing
  • Proper lighting and background
  • How to feel comfortable on camera
  • What to say in your videos
  • How to sit in front of the camera
  • Networking events
  • Then we're going to cover marketing and positioning
  • New: Building A Series!
  • YouTube Marketing
  • Instagram and Pinterest Marketing
...and I'll show you the best settings to shoot video on the phone that will make your videos look professional and appealing.

HOWEVER, I do need a bit of help. Before I go through all of the production, editing, post, and marketing of this series, I want to make sure I cover the issues that matter to you.

This is where you come in...
Please take a couple of minutes to answer this short survey - there are only two questions in this part:

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* 1. Imagine we met for coffee and were talking about how to best present your service with a video series. What are your 2 pressing questions about creating and marketing your product with videos?

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* 2. We all know videos make money. With that said, what specific thing holds you back from getting in front of your camera and creating personalized videos to connect with your customers?

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* 3. Thanks for your response. That's what I needed. I will contact you by email when the course is ready to begin. I'll need your info.  Thanks again!

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I know I've had a lot of fun with my business fans and friends in the past, and I love to profile my friend's businesses with testimonial letters about my courses.

Perhaps, if you are a previous client or student, you can help me out with a short testimonial about my previous video classes and/or my video marketing systems. (A sentence or 2 is perfect)

I'm very excited to create this new online course. Thanks for being a co-creator.  

I'll see you on the new VMM 2.0 set. 

- LaVette