ASCO has created a portfolio of virtual activities to support medical students and residents as they explore the field of oncology.

Impact of COVID-19 on Oncology  | Pre-recorded Session 
November 2020

Learn about the impact that COVID-19 has had on cancer care, fellowship training, cancer research, and more. The diverse panel will feature perspectives from oncologists, trainees, and a fellowship program director.

Pathways into Oncology as a Medical Student | Live Session with Q&A
December 2020
Learn about the various pathways into oncology that are available to medical students. Panelists will discuss their personal experiences and highlight the research and clinically-focused pathways. Specific topics that will be addressed include, the different types of oncology research and which are accessible, what the research participation expectations are, how to find a research mentor, how to be a “good” mentee, clinical experiences and how to find them.

Coming in 2021... 

Coming to the U.S. for Residency/Fellowship | Series of Short, Pre-Recorded Talks
In this series of short talks, learn from three international medical graduates who are currently practicing oncology in the U.S. Each oncologist will provide an overview of their personal path to pursue training in the U.S. They will also highlight the general steps they took before applying, their experience with the application and interview process, as well as virtual networking tips.

Career Conversations: Coming to the U.S. for Residency/Fellowship | Situational Mentoring Meetings
In this virtual mentoring opportunity, meet one-on-one with international medical graduates who are currently training or practicing oncology in the U.S. to ask any questions and seek their advice.

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