Children's Summer Reading Club 2017

Please fill out all information below to join our Summer Reading Club!

* 1. What is your first and last name?

* 2. What is your phone number?

* 3. What school do you attend?

* 4. Grade in September?

* 5. Titles and authors of the book(s) that you have read for Summer Reading Club 2017

* 6. How did you like the 1st book?

* 7. How did you like the 2nd book?

* 8. How did you like the 3rd book?

* 9. How did you like the 4th book?

* 10. How did you like the 5th book?

If you are in 5th or 6th grade, you can come to the library and submit a mini review (optional) for a chance to participate in our weekly raffle!
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