1. The International Energy Program Evaluation Conference Lifetime Achievement Submission Site

Candidates will be evaluated based on contributions to the profession as assessed by both tangible professional accomplishments and the variety of voices of support. Additional letters of support/endorsement for a nominated candidate are appreciated and will also be considered, and can be submitted either by having others also use the form below or by e-mailing letters directly to samb@caenergy.com.

Past award winners include:

2015 – Ralph Prahl, Prahl and Associates
2013 – Jane Peters, Research Into Action and Steven Schiller, Schiller Consulting
2011 – Marian Brown, Southern California Edison
2009 – Dr. Miriam Goldberg, KEMA, Inc.
2007 – Shel Feldman, Shel Feldman Management Consulting
2005 – Nick Hall, TecMarket Works
2003 – Ed Vine, LBNL and Roger Wright, RLW Analytics
1997 – Jeff Schlegel, Schlegel and Associates
1995 – Ken Train, University of California-Berkeley
1993 – Meg Fels, Princeton University
1991 – Ken Keating, Bonneville Power Administration
1989 – Eric Hirst, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

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* Specifically and BRIEFLY (you can send additional information to samb@caenergy.com):
1. Describe what they did;
2. How did it improve the field of evaluation--for example how did it raise awareness for the value of evaluation work; and,
3. How or where do you see the results of their work reflected in current work efforts.

* If you have examples or other references that you would like to add to this candidates portfolio, please send them directly to samb@caenergy.com