Help Shape the future of the Cootes Paradise and Borer's Falls-Rock Chapel Heritage Lands

The Cootes to Escarpment EcoPark System is a collaborative initiative of nine local government and non-profit organizations in the Burlington-Hamilton area. Together, these partner organizations are working to protect, connect and restore more than 1,900 hectares of natural lands, and to deliver sustainable recreation and education opportunities.

Management Plans for the Cootes Paradise Heritage Lands and Borer’s Falls-Rock Chapel Heritage Lands are being developed in order to provide a coherent and holistic management framework for the partner-owned properties. Community and stakeholder engagement is an important aspect of plan development and implementation.

The draft plans for the Cootes Paradise Heritage Lands and Borer's Falls-Rock Chapel Heritage Lands have been prepared following an initial round of consultation with First Nations, stakeholders and the public. Full versions of the draft management plans are available online for review.

Draft Management Plans

Please take a moment to provide us with feedback regarding the development of these important Management Plans.

This survey will be available until October 5th.