* 1. How confident are you that you know the legislation and standards for your industry

* 2. Do you feel you know what documents you are required to create and keep?

* 3. How often are your policies, procedures or work instructions accessed by staff?

* 4. When were your internal documents last reviewed?

* 5. Are you confident that your staff are completing tasks as per your documented work instructions?

* 6. Do you have internal controls built into your documents? For example do forms require a second signature if they involve tasks such as authorising payments, products being removed from the site or personal use of business property (e.g. borrowing a work vehicle outside of business hours) ?

* 7. Do you have a document management system in place? (e.g. a system or procedure that is used to control how you create, distribute, store, retain and destroy your documents)

* 8. When did your business last have an audit conducted by an external party such as a governing body?

* 9. When did your business last conduct an internal audit?

* 10. Would you like to receive a free personalised health check of your document management system based on the answers provided? If yes please provide:

The name of your business,
The industry you are in,
A contact name and
A valid email address

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