Gallery Environment Continued

This is a continuation of the questions in the first half of the survey to help us design the physical environment of the gallery.

* 1. What sort of light sources do you prefer?
(You can choose more than one)

* 2. Do you like to be able to touch things in the museums and feel different textures?

* 3. Would you prefer to have just one type of sensory stimulation in a particular area (such as one area with things to listen to, one with things to smell, one with things to touch, and one with videos or moving images)?

* 4. Do you prefer open-plan galleries or smaller partitioned spaces? (Imagining that there aren't many other people there)

* 5. Do you think the use of timed videos and events in different parts of the gallery would help to keep people moving through smoothly and prevent overcrowding which might upset people? An example would be the All About Me gallery at Eureka that displays a countdown to Zoom the Robot's next introduction talk.

* 6. Do you like areas of the gallery to be colour-coded on the floor or walls so you know where one section begins and ends?