Thank you for reaching out to the Department for International Trade (DIT) and for visiting our North America Export Portal. We look forward to assisting you with your export objectives for the US and Canadian markets. We’d like to let you know what to expect, why we ask companies to complete the portal and what will happen next.

What to expect
The following is a survey which will ask you various questions about your business including the size of the company, operating sector and your experience with exporting. We treat all portal submissions Commercial in Confidence and the survey will be handled in accordance with GDPR whether you are introduced to a member of DIT staff or our private sector partner. You will receive a summary of the information you provided by email when we action your request.

Why we ask for your time
While we are asking for an initial investment of your time (on average the survey takes 10 minutes to complete), the information we gather provides crucial guidance for us in determining relevant contacts to handle your enquiry. We also hope to save time in the long run as the submission helps make initial conversations as productive as possible. Where we have off the shelf guidance relevant to your enquiry we’re able to provide it and then we can move more quickly to unique aspects of any additional support needed.

What will happen next
We will follow up to make an introduction to the relevant contacts who can assist your business. Their follow up may include guidance documents for your initial review and/or the suggestion of a phone call to speak further about your enquiry.

Thank you again for visiting the North America Export Portal, we look forward to assisting you.