We would appreciate you taking a few minutes to give us your opinion and evaluate the Strong Interest Inventory, Assignment and the Major Discovery Day Event.

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* 1. Please rate the following:

  Irrelevant Not very useful No opinion Useful Very useful
How would you rate the use of the Strong Interest Inventory?
Rate the video debrief that you watched after taking the Strong Interest Inventory
Rate the overall Major Discovery Day event today

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* 2. Please select "Yes" or "No" to answer the following questions:

  Yes No
Did the representatives of the Majors you attended discuss the courses, clubs you can join while at USF, associations you can join and careers associated with their field?
Was the Strong Interest Inventory helpful to you in choosing or affirming your choice for a Major?    
Did the video explaining the Strong Interest Inventory results, provide insight on Major/career choice? 
After attending the Major Discovery Day events, were you able to understand how a particular Major would be compatible with your interests?
After going through the process of taking the Strong, completing the assignment and attending the Major Discovery Day event, do you feel that you have a clearer sense of a career path?
Would you recommend the same process for next year’s incoming freshmen or undecided Majors?

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* 3. What specific suggestions do you have to improve the event?