1. Davis International Center - Event Funding Proposal

Thank you for submitting an Event Funding Proposal - to be reviewed by the Davis International Center Advisory Board (DICAB).

DICAB is a student advisory board that is committed to promoting programs that:

• Enrich the social integration of international and American students

• Advance world knowledge and cross-cultural understanding

• Attract participants from a broad range of nationalities

Event Funding Proposals will be approved by DICAB

Please note the following points about our approval procedure:

➢ No funding will be granted after an event has taken place - so make sure to submit your request early (3-4 weeks if possible)

➢ In general, the maximum amount we will fund for any single event is $200

➢ You are expected to send a representative to a DICAB meeting (we meet on Fridays 4:00-5:30) if requested by the board to discuss their event and answer any questions

➢ DICAB has a limited budget compared to P-Boards. We suggest that you ask P-Boards for funding before/at the same time you apply to DICAB for funding. If you have not asked P-Boards, we may defer our decision until you do so.

➢ The event should have an international focus/element to it

➢ The event should be non-exclusive and open to everyone

➢ If the event is funded by DICAB, the DICAB name and logo must be included in any promotional flyers, e-mails, Facebook pages etc.

➢ We do not fund give-away items like T-shirts, tank tops etc.

Please fill out the below questions regarding your event.

* 1. Tell us about your program...

* 2. How is your program internationally-focused and why should the Davis International Center Advisory Board (DICAB) co-sponsor this event:

* 3. Other student organizations involved in developing, designing and implementing this program:

* 4. Event Description:

* 5. Itemized Budget:

* 6. Other Prospective or Confirmed Sponsors, as well as amount you have requested from each:

* 7. Amount being requested from the Davis International Center, including specific costs covered by co-sponsorship:

* 8. Have you requested funds from the Davis International Center before?

* 9. University Account/Project Grant Number, if applicable:

* 10. Advertising Plan:

* 11. Agreement: The information you have submitted will become public record upon review of DICAB for consideration. If you have concerns about privacy issues, please e-mail lrob@princeton.edu.

By submitting this Event Funding Proposal, you agree that your event will be open and advertised to ALL students, and the Davis International Center - including the Davis International Center Advisory Board (DICAB) - will be advertised as a co-sponsor. Note: This is a requirement for funding.