You are applying for the FALL 2018 Dental Hygiene clinical program.

You must have attended a mandatory dental hygiene application information session and have already taken the TEAS. If you have not taken the TEAS yet please stop now and apply after you've taken it. The minimum score required to apply is 52.7.  The highest score achieved as of the time of this application will be used in calculating your points. All TEAS scores are verified on the ATI website. You may apply ONE time. 

All shadowing forms and Verification of Clinical Dental Assisting Hours forms must be received by the dental hygiene program office by March 15.

All applicants will be notified VIA US Postal Service (snail mail) of the committee's decision after April 1.

If you have any questions regarding your application, please see a health career advisor prior to March 15.

* 1. DENTAL HYGIENE - Please enter your information here. PLEASE LIST YOUR HAWKMAIL email address. If you haven't activated it yet, do that NOW.

* 2. Maiden name or previously used name

* 3. Have you previously applied for HACC dental hygiene clinicals?

* 4. What was your TEAS TOTAL (or composite) SCORE? (will be verified on the ATI website). The highest score as of this application will be used to calculate your points.  A minimum score of 52.7 is required to apply.

* 5. Which have you completed? All shadowing documentation forms must be received in the Dental Hygiene office prior to March 15.

* 6. Are you a DANB Certified Dental Assistant (having successfully passed all three exam components including general chairside, radiology, and infection control)?

* 7. Have you completed an ADA accredited dental assistant program with an overall GPA of 3.0 AND subsequent one year full-time (32 hours/week) experience working as a chairside dental assistant?

* 8. If the answer to the previous question was yes, please enter the job title, and years, months and hours per week of employment. Verification form (from the website) must be received in the Dental Hygiene Office by March 15.

* 9. Have you ever been enrolled in the clinical portion of a health career program at HACC which you did not complete/graduate?