We would like to hear what you want out of TYP in 2018

* 1. Have you enjoyed your experience with TYP in 2017?

* 2. Rate the following reasons you signed up to be involved with TYP?

  Very important to me Somewhat important to me Not important to me
Meet new people
Make professional connections/leads
Opportunities for professional development
Opportunities to socialize
Opportunities to volunteer
Find a job

* 3. What are you expecting to get out of your involvement with TYP?

* 4. What are your suggestions for social gatherings/activities for TYP in 2018?

* 5. What are your suggestions for professional development opportunities/activities for TYP in 2018?

* 6. What non-profit groups or community activities do you think TYP should be involved with in 2018?

* 7. Other comments regarding TYP you would like to share?

* 8. Are you interested in participating on TYP's Leadership/Organizing Committee?

* 9. Tell us about yourself

We appreciate your input - thank you!