Introduction Summary

Dear NIU Colleague,

The General Education Visioning Task Force (GEVTF) is moving forward with its initiative to help revitalize and re-frame the Baccalaureate Experience at NIU. This revitalization is imperative not only for improving the success of our graduates but also for assuring the success and longevity of NIU in the twenty-first century.

To this end, we seek your help in completing the following survey in which we ask you to share your unique role and experiences as an educator at NIU. The survey asks about the undergraduate courses you typically teach, as well as other learning activities, and the degree to which they already align with the recently approved Baccalaureate Goals and STUDENT LEARNING OUTCOMES (SLOs). We want to begin to catalog the diverse ways in which NIU faculty and instructors educate students within the entire undergraduate curriculum. The new NIU SLOs, developed by considering input from more than 1200 faculty, students, alumni, and employers, are:

SLO #1: Integrate knowledge of global interconnections and interdependencies
SLO #2: Exhibit intercultural competencies with people of diverse backgrounds and perspectives
SLO #3: Analyze issues that interconnect human life and the natural world
SLO #4: Demonstrate critical, creative, and independent thought
SLO #5: Communicate clearly and effectively
SLO #6: Collaborate with others to achieve specific goals
SLO #7: Use and combine appropriate quantitative and qualitative reasoning skills to address questions and solve problems
SLO #8: Synthesize knowledge and skills relevant to one’s major or particular fields of study and apply them creatively to develop innovative outcomes.

Background information on the Baccalaureate SLOs may be found at:

The survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete. We ask for honest opinions; there are no correct or incorrect responses. Although the survey does not specifically ask for identifying information, it might be possible to infer your identity from responses you provide. Keep in mind that the Task Force may share course/SLO coverage results with your department curriculum committee. For any release to the larger public, the Task Force will aggregate data, removing any potentially identifying information.

In upcoming months, this survey will be followed by focus groups and informational meetings. Consonant with the principles of shared governance, the Task Force will use the results of this survey, the student survey, and public forums to help develop and prepare a strategy for revitalizing our general education program. Recommendations will be shared with the entire NIU community.

More information about the GEVTF may be found at:

Thank you for your participation!

- The General Education Visioning Task Force