The Housing Justice League (HJL) of Atlanta is working on a six-month research project to track changes to affordability of housing across Beltline communities. If you live near the Beltline, please take a few minutes to complete this survey. The goal of the survey is to gather data that will help make the case for policies that protect low-income people's access to quality housing and prevent displacement across Atlanta. By completing this survey, you give HJL permission to use the data in a public report and website. However, no individual names will be used and all data at the neighborhood level will be anonymized in the report.

On May 1st, the HJL will put the names/contact info for all survey respondents into a drawing for $150 cash award. Please provide your contact information to ensure that you are included in the raffle and so that we can send you the final research report and invite you to related events. Thank you!

* 1. Full Name

* 2. Phone Number or E-mail address

* 3. Address (or street and cross street)

* 5. Race/Ethnicity

* 6. What is your total annual household income? (Choose one)

* 7. Do you rent or own a home?

* 8. How many live in the home?

* 9. How long have you lived in this home?

* 10. How long have you lived in the neighborhood?

* 11. How many bedrooms?

* 12. How many bathrooms?

* 13. How much is rent or mortgage payment (including property tax and insurance escrow) monthly?

* 15. How much are average monthly utility (including electric, gas, water) costs?

* 16. Are you worried that your rent or property taxes will go up in the next two years?

* 17. How likely is it that you will move out of the neighborhood if housing costs increased within the next two years?

* 18. Have your monthly rent or property taxes gone up since 2012?

33% of survey complete.