For more than 20 years, we have seen the running down of services at our hospital in East Dulwich. We believe it is important to be clear about our long term vision for this key site, and that's why we're asking for your opinion on our proposals.

We will be using the responses to the survey to inform the Lib Dem representations to the Primary Care Trust.

* 1. We want to see an on-site GP surgery. Extra services could also be provided. Do you think it is important to retain medical services on site?

* 2. What other services would you like to see provided?

* 3. We would like to provide a high quality retirement village for a mix of income levels. They should have different levels of adaptation to cater for varying needs as people get older.

Would you like to see retirement village or a dedicated over-55 housing community on the site?

* 4. We believe that a new community primary school in the area should be considered, especially if new housing is included in the redevelopment of the hospital site. Do you think a new primary school is needed on the site?

* 5. We appreciate the hospital site will need to include residential accommodation in order to make the redevelopment financially viable. We suggest a high quality housing development which provides affordable housing on the western section of the site. Do you agree that housing should be provided as part of the development of the hospital site?

* 6. We believe the hospital site should include much needed local community facilities to compensate for the loss of the hospital.

What community facilities would you like to see provided?

* 7. We believe the whole development could and should be carbon neutral and we would create an East Dulwich Zero Emissions Development (EDZED).

Do you agree with the Lib Dem view that any development on the site should be of the highest green standards?

* 8. Dulwich Hospital has been an important part of the local architectural landscape for over 100 years.

Do you think the central Chateau should be kept for community use?

* 9. Please tell us about yourself. All questions are optional.

* 10. Would you like us to keep you updated on Lib Dem vision for the Dulwich Hospital Site?