* 1. If you could make one change in your life, what would it be? (For example, get a better job, get in shape, etc.) Also, HOW would this change your life? (Be specific: Tell me what being in control would mean to you.)

* 2. What is your biggest barrier? Dig deep and be brutally honest.

* 3. How does it feel knowing one change could make all the difference, but you haven’t made that change yet? (Not trying to be snarky here. I want to know how your primary barrier makes you feel.)

* 4. If you had to give advice to someone else with your exact challenge, what would you tell them? (This should take you at least 60 seconds to think about.)

* 5. Are you satisfied with your job?

* 6. What’s one question you have for me?

* 7. Who are you?