Scholarship Details

This scholarship was created by women of color who are graduates of Clemson University.  It is intended to make a positive impact on future generations of Clemson graduates who are also underrepresented women of color. It will provide three educational scholarships for South Carolina high school seniors.  The recipients will be women of color who attend Clemson University for post secondary education in a STEM related field. Awards in the amount of $5000 will be paid in two installments of $2500 per semester during the recipients’ first year of school. A GPA of 2.0 or higher must be achieved during the first collegiate semester to receive the second installment of $2500. If a recipient is placed on academic probation before receiving the second installment, the recipient will need to present an academic improvement plan to be considered for any further award payment. The scholarship will contribute to the recipient’s 2020-2021 academic costs and will be paid directly to Clemson University when proof of university/college matriculation is received.  If you are awarded a Clemson Women of Color in STEM scholarship, you will be notified by the committee.

  • A citizen of the United States of America
  • A underrepresented woman of color
  • A student of any South Carolina high school senior class graduating from an accredited public or private school 
  • Accepted to attend and enrolled as a full time student at Clemson University majoring in a STEM related field
  • Successful candidates will have demonstrated good character at home, school, and the community through leadership, service, and/or collaboration
  • Must complete and submit the scholarship application in accordance with the application deadline.
How to apply:
  • Complete this scholarship application online.
  • Mail the following documentation:
    • Two Letters of Recommendation - 1 from a school staff member and 1 from a community member, leader, or employer. Recommendation letters should address academic performance, leadership, service, community activities, and / or collaboration
    • An official copy of your current academic transcript
Complete your online application and mail supporting documentation in one envelope to SCABSE by April 1, 2020. Use the same name and return mailing address on the envelope submitted to SCABSE as used on your online scholarship application submission. Scholarship applicants may be called for brief telephone interview.

Mail to: SCABSE
Attn: Clemson WoC in STEM Scholarship
PO Box 11737
Columbia, SC 29211
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