* 1. What is your level of experience in your industry?

* 2. Where is your regular place of work located?

* 3. What industry to you represent?

* 4. What type of membership do you have?

* 5. The programming is educational and interesting.

* 6. The networking opportunities meet my needs and expectations.

* 7. The location is convenient.

* 8. The food is enjoyable.

* 9. I find membership in the GLBEC as professionally valuable.

* 10. I find GLBEC educational luncheons as professionally valuable.

* 11. My employer find membership and/or sponsorship in the GLBEC as professionally valuable.

* 12. GLBEC provides programming that differentiates itself from other events (Chamber, Rotary, etc.)

* 13. What type of speakers/programs/topics are you interested in?

* 14. If the location moved quarterly, would you still attend events if held at other venues?

* 15. Are you interested in serving in a leadership capacity to improve the GLBEC?

* 16. General Comments?

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