Dear Prospective Board Candidate:
We thank you for your interest in seeking nomination for our Board of Directors. Inside this application you will find:
  • Qualification criteria information
  • Director expectations and role responsibilities
  • Guidance on the process of nomination
Lambton Elderly Outreach has appointed a Nominating Committee to oversee the nomination process. This includes ensuring members are fully informed of the nomination process and the election process, considering the qualifications of candidates in order to ensure the highest quality Board composition, and to meet any gaps as identified by the Board in their analysis of the Board’s skills, knowledge, and experience.
The Nomination Committee will advise nominees if their names are placed into candidacy. If not placed into candidacy, the Committee will provide the reason why.
In order to apply for nomination, please complete the survey and submit a copy of your resume to the email address below.
Please contact the Executive Administrative Assistant with any questions regarding this package: