Thanks for participating!

North Seattle Community College is developing a Sustainability Certification and would like your input to ensure that our course offerings are providing the intellectual and practical skills needed in today’s workplace. This survey is designed to take three to five minutes, and can be completed anonymously if desired. Thanks again for your assistance.

* 1. What industry are you affiliated with?

* 2. Do you participate in the hiring process at your company?

* 3. Is your company a....

* 4. Is Sustainability (“People, Planet, Profit”) part of your company’s culture?

* 5. Do you seek out candidates for employment with training in sustainability or “green skills”?

* 6. Please share with us a few key factors that influence your hiring decisions.

* 7. Which competencies are important to your company’s culture and success?(check all that apply)

* 8. What position titles at your company might fit an NSCC Sustainability Certificate Holder and what would the starting salary of this entry level position be?

* 9. Is your company hiring or taking on interns:

* 10. May we contact you with follow up questions? If we may, please leave your contact information below. Thanks again for your participation.