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About this consultation

The below consultation frames into the development of the Shared European Brain Research Agenda (SEBRA) which is one of the main goals of the EU-funded European Brain Research Area (EBRA) project (November 2018 - October 2022). A summary of the project can be found on the next page.
About the Shared European Brain Research Agenda
The EBRA consortium developed a Shared European Brain Research Agenda (SEBRA) with the aim to provide recommendations on future areas for excellent, innovative, and translational research. This happened in 2 steps. In a first step, existing Strategic Research Agendas were taken into consideration. In a second step, inputs from experts in the European Brain Research Area were collected.
The aim of this open consultation is to gather the perspectives of all key players in the brain area. Your responses to the consultation will be analysed and written down in the SEBRA part II: Feedback from key players in the brain area. This document will then be presented to the European Commission to highlight the need for a brain health partnership.
The consultation is divided in 5 parts and will take approximately 20-30 min. to fill out:
1. Demographic information
2. Contact information (optional)
3. Feedback and comments about the 3 future brain research priorities:
  • Understand the healthy brain.
  • Unravel the interacting brain
  • Fix the diseased brain.
4. Feedback and comments about the 4 enabling actions:
    • Create a multiscale, including translational, environment on the work floor.
    • Encourage smart data sharing.
    • Develop new technologies and innovation.
    • Overcome regulatory, administrative, and legislative hurdles/limitations.
5. Other comments and remarks
Please note that the priorities and actions have been shortened for the purposes of this consultation and the full version of the Shared European Brain Research Agenda can be viewed clicking here.
Target group
All key players in the brain area including patients, caregivers, associations, industry, scientists, neurologists, psychiatrists, regulators, decision makers, politicians, funders, etc.

March 14th, 2022, to May 15th, 2022.

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