If granted access to the DeKalb GOP, the user agrees as follows:

1. User will be given non-exclusive access to the files contained in the DeKalb GOP Tools folder (file folder) deemed appropriate in the sole discretion of the DeKalb County Republican Party (DGOP) for the limited use set forth in this agreement.

2. User agrees that information from the file folder shall be used exclusively for political purposes and exclusively for User's Precinct and/or on behalf of the DGOP. It cannot be used for the benefit of a candidate and/or in conjunction with their campaign as well as for a Political Action Committee (PAC) or any other political organizations regardless of affiliation. User also agrees that the File shall not be used to support/endorse/elect candidates of parties other than the Republican Party, or candidates with conservative values in the case of non-partisan races.

3. User agrees to avoid any action that may impair the DGOP's ownership rights of the files or their related information.

4. User shall not disclose, transfer, duplicate, reproduce, or retain information contained in the file folder in any form or manner, nor permit any employee, agent, contractor or third party to do so, except in those activities necessary to obtain the information in a usable form for the authorized use of the file folder set forth in paragraph 2.

5. Under no circumstances will User make or permit any commercial usage of the file folder or information contained therein. User may not sell information for the file folder nor charge an access fee for accessing the file folder or the information contained therein.

6. User shall not assign this agreement.

7. User is responsible for any and all use of the file folder or the information contained therein as well as any other activity related to the use of the file folder obtained or conducted using his username.

8. User agrees that the file folder is monitored to deter improper and unauthorized use.

9. User agrees that access to the file folder is granted as a temporary privilege granted by the DGOP and may be revoked at any time by the grantor.

10. User agrees that the DGOP makes no warranties, whether express or implied, or representations of any kind, regarding the accuracy or complete-ness of information contained in the file folder.

11. Data Protection and Privacy. In performing its obligations hereunder, User will comply with all applicable laws including data protection and privacy laws. To the extent that DGOP provides User with a Voter List(s), DGOP warrants that: (i) it has complied with all applicable laws in the collection of the information provided on that Voter List; and (ii) it has all rights necessary to transfer the information on that Voter to User.

12. Confidentiality: User acknowledges and agrees that the Voter File, the File, the format and manner in which it is accessed and manipulated, and the resulting information obtained there from, is confidential and proprietary and shall be held in strict confidence and shall not be disclosed or used except as set forth in this Agreement. User agrees to use best efforts to protect such confidential and proprietary information.

13. Misuse of Data and Tools: User agrees not to use voter information and tools to disparage, defame, harass and/or intimidate or knowingly commit a misdemeanor and/or felony against a voter(s), individual and/or the DGOP whether such action(s) are in-person and/or facilitated digitally.

14. Breach of Agreement: User acknowledges and agrees that, in the event of any breach of this Agreement, the DGOP would be irreparably and immediately harmed and could not be made whole by monetary damages. Accordingly, it is agreed that, in addition to any other remedy to which it may be entitled at law or in equity, the DGOP shall be entitled to an injunction or injunctions (without the posting of any bond and with

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