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Bed Bug Battle – We Want to Hear from You

Anyone can get bed bugs! Bed bugs can cause anxiety, bite reactions, and financial hardship. The University of Arizona and several partnering research institutions are working to battle the bed bug resurgence in the U.S. The researchers (listed in “Who Are We”) hope to determine the real impact and social cost of bed bugs, the risks to individuals and society, as well as the significant causes of infestations.

We need your help.

This survey asks brief questions on how bed bugs affect your life, how bed bugs cause people stress, and what people do when trying to get rid of them. This voluntary survey should take about 10 minutes of your time. The survey is available in English and Spanish. There is no compensation available for your participation. Your answers are anonymous and you will be contributing to information that will help us battle the pesky parasites.

Who should take this survey? We would like to hear from people who currently live with bed bugs, people who have dealt with them in the past, and people lucky enough not to have experienced living with bed bugs at all. Your answer to the first question will direct you to questions specifically designed for you. We are dedicated to getting help to community members who need it most, and sharing your experience will be extremely helpful.

How you respond on this page will determine the questions posed throughout the remainder of the survey.

Are you currently living in a place with bed bugs?

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* 1. Are you currently living in a place with bed bugs?