I’m excited to see you in your city on book tour!

Let's get together and talk about the juicy parts of money – the real questions we have, the spending we've never admitted to anyone, and how love & money mix (or don't).

We're going to be doing something totally different than a regular book tour. We're going to talk about the stuff NOBODY else talks about. And I need your help in finding the topics you care about most.

Please fill in your answers below. All responses are anonymous and optional – but please be as specific as possible. I want to hear from you!

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* 1. What’s a money worry that keeps you up at night? Please be specific.  
(Example of a good response: “I worry about my parents and being a 'sandwiched' generation. For those of us who come from non-American cultures where they expect their kids to take care of them, it’s hard to think about how to set ourselves up financial stability and still be able to someday raise families of our own"

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* 2. Tell me about a recent awkward situation you faced when it comes to money and relationships.

It could be with your partner, a friend, or relative. What happened? What made it so awkward? Tell me a story.

(Example of a good response: “I had my dad call me at work last year. He told me about this new house that he was going to buy, and that he's short a bit of money. It felt awkward because here my dad was, indirectly asking me for money when he showed no interest in my current life. Then pointed out how much I'd been traveling recently, so I must have money. He ended up getting angry at me and hanging up the phone.”)

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* 3. If someone looked at your spending, what would SHOCK them? Please be specific and include the price. Mine are cashmere sweatpants that cost over $1,000.

(Example of a good response: “I overtip at restaurants I like and frequent ($50-100 on a $50 bill) because I like how the staff remember my name for it, makes me feel like a regular, and I like to spread money around to other people. I always have to hide the bill because I'm worried people will criticize me (because they have)".

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* 4. Tell me about your finances. What's your annual income? How much do you have in debt? How much do you have saved? And how do you feel about that?

(Remember, all answers are anonymous.)

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* 5. What results have you gotten with my material?

(Book, courses, free material...anything. Be specific! Share numbers and how you've been able to use your success to live your Rich Life.)

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* 6. What’s the craziest money story that ever happened to you? How did it make you feel?

(Could be watching someone drop a $1,000 tip at a restaurant, making $100K trading crypto only to lose it all, quadrupling your salary, etc.)

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