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The Centre for Asian Philanthropy and Society (CAPS) is committed to increasing the quality and quantity of philanthropy in Asia.  To encourage more charitable engagement, it is important to understand the regulations, tax incentives and the general societal predisposition toward the giving and receiving of donations.  To this end, CAPS is carrying out a project called the Doing Good Index™.  The Doing Good Index™ is the first study of its kind in the world and the first that focuses on Asia, and this survey is an integral part of it. 

You have received this survey as you are regarded as a social delivery organization (SDO) with the experience and expertise to provide insightful responses for this study.  The findings of this study will shed light on the factors determining SDOs' success, including the ability to register as a charity, to be tax-exempt, to receive tax deductible contributions, and to seek government contracts for projects aligned with their mission.

The survey should take no more than 45 minutes to complete. Please read the instructions below before you begin. We encourage you to complete the survey by 30th April, 2017. 

Your responses will be kept strictly confidential and not shared with any third party. Thank you for your participation. 


Ø Who should fill the form: This survey has questions about the fundraising, regulatory, fiscal and tax factors that affect the giving and receiving of donations. The head of your organization is best suited to respond to this survey. Other options are the head of fundraising, or head of accounts/finance.
Ø Read help text: Please read the help text provided with the questions before you respond.
Ø FAQs: There is a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section at this link: that will clarify the context of this survey and help you understand it better.
Ø Saving your responses: If you are unable to submit the survey form in one sitting, you can return to the survey and pick up where you left off. You just have to click the survey link that you were provided to return to the survey in the same device using the same browser. Please note that there is no “Save” button, but as long as you have not clicked the “Done” button and not deleted the cookies from your internet browser, you can access your form using the survey link any time before submission. 
Ø Mandatory questions: All mandatory questions are marked with an asterisk (*). If a mandatory question is left unanswered, an error message will be displayed next to the question. You will not be able to move on to the next page without entering an answer.
Ø Error message: You will receive an error message if the answer is not in the correct format specified in the question (e.g. you try to enter words when numbers are required), or if a mandatory question is left unanswered. Please read the error message and rectify your response.
Ø If you don’t know the answer to a question: Please click on the Don’t know option (if available), or seek help from your colleagues and answer to the best of your knowledge. We want to understand what people think and perceive, and for most of the questions there is no right or wrong answer. Answers will be kept confidential.
Ø If you have any questions about the form or you find any technical difficulties, please contact the organization that sent you this survey. You can call this number,91+8851320556 , and speak with Kamlesh Narwana of ICRIER, New Delhi. You may also send an email with a screenshot and reference to the question number to
Ø Number of responses: Each organization can submit only one completed survey. If you would like to discuss the survey with colleagues before filling it online, please download the PDF version here, share with your colleagues, and then fill ONLY one form online for your organization.

Economy Name
(“Economy Name” or “Economy refers to the country or semi-autonomous region you are in.)

Name of Social Delivery Organization (SDO)
('Social Delivery Organization' (SDO) refers to a registered non-profit organization or social enterprise that delivers a product or service for social good. It does not include the following: trade associations, technical associations, industry groups,universities, purely advocacy groups, organizations funded solely by the government.)

* Address
(Please type your complete address including building, street name, city, district, state, postal code, etc.)

* Phone number
(Please include STD code. For example 022-26858900, 919812345678)

* Fax number
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* Email
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* Website
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* Year of incorporation/ establishment of organization
(This refers to the year of registration for legally recognized status. Only numerical digits are to be entered, no letters or symbols are allowed.) 

* Nature of organization

* Total staff strength
(Total Staff Strength’ includes part-timers but not volunteers. Only numerical digits are to be entered, no letters or symbols are allowed.)

* Approximate annual budget for the last accounting year in your local currency
(Only numerical digits are to be entered, no letters or symbols are allowed.)

* Mission/ purpose/ objectives for which your SDO has been set up

Your SDO's sector of engagement (Please select all that apply)