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The Cates Park Concert Series will take place on Saturdays from July 18-July 29 and will feature local bands and singer-songwriters. Deep Cove Daze is a festival featuring local artisans, bands, craft beer, food vendors and a BBQ hosted by Stong's. We are looking for volunteers who will help with set-up and take down of fences, tents etc. as well as managing traffic, selling T-shirts, first aid, security and stage security on the day of the event.

* 1. Address

* 2. Age:

* 3. T-Shirt Size (for volunteer shirt):

* 4. Would you like proof of volunteer hours?

* 5. Please describe any past volunteer experience or applicable skills e.g. first aid, stagehand, security, etc. Please note that this is not a requirement for volunteering

* 6. Day(s) available:
Volunteers for Cates Park should be available from 11am-7pm. All day availability is required for Deep Cove Daze Volunteers.

Deep Cove Daze and the Cates Park Concert Series are only a success due to the time and effort put in by volunteers like yourself.

                                                                                      THANK YOU! =)