Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre Group Fitness Survey 2018

As a centre that is striving to continually improve, we would love to hear your feedback about our group fitness program.

If you had taken a group fitness class at the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre in the past, we would appreciate you taking the time to fill out this survey. For those who have not taken a class, we would appreciate your feedback in other areas that you have experienced when those surveys become available. 

Thank you!

* 1. How do you access our group fitness programs?

* 2. Please select why you participate in our group fitness programming (can be multiple)

* 3. How frequently do you attend a group fitness class?

* 4. What was the last class that you attended?

* 5. Please rate the quality of the class you attended.

* 6. Please rate the instructor on the following:

  Disappointing Exceptional
Friendly and engaging
On time and prepared for class
Gives clear exercise instruction
Appropriate exercise selection and modifications

* 7. How would you rate your overall group fitness experience at the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre? 

* 8. What other classes would you like to see on our schedule? 

* 9. Do you have any additional comments?