Mission and Vision

Every 5-7 years updates to a non-profits Mission and Vision statement is recommended. Please provide feedback to MiOTA regarding what you feel is important to contain in OUR "new" Mission and Vision.

* 1. Enter your first and last name to ensure one survey per person. Names will be kept confidential.

* 2. Are you a member of MiOTA?

* 3. Currently, MiOTA’s mission is: “The mission of the MiOTA is to advocate for the profession of occupational therapy in the state of Michigan and act as a communication vehicle for its members.”  How well does this mission support your beliefs of what you need MiOTA to do for you?

* 4. Which of the selections below do you feel should be part of MiOTA’s mission and vision? (check all that apply)

* 5. If you checked “other” on the previous page, please elaborate and rate the importance of each item to you on a scale of 1-5 (1 being low importance, 3 being moderate importance, 5 being of critical or an essential importance):

* 6. Please rate on a scale of 0-5 (1 being low importance, 3 being moderate importance, 5 being of critical or an essential importance) how important each of these topics are to you.

Key: 1 I did not feel this item was important,  2 low importance, 4 moderate importance, 6 critical/essentially important

  Not important Low importance Minimally important Moderately important Important Greatest importance
Advocacy for policy change impacting occupational therapy
Monitoring policy change impacting occupational therapy
Promote advocacy through face to face meetings with legislators
Providing a liaison between the State of Michigan Board of Occupational Therapy and Occupational Therapy practitioners in the State of Michigan
Provide networking opportunities between practioners
Working with 3rd party payers on reimbursement issues
Providing a network to support students looking for fieldwork opportunities in Michigan
Supporting dissemination of research studies to practioners in Michigan
Supporting employment opportunities in Michigan
Providing (at no additional charge) educational opportunities to meet licensure renewal requirements as set forth by the Michigan Public Health Code and Licensure Rules for Occupational Therapy in the state of Michigan
Providing low-cost continuing education and networking opportunities
Providing regional and local networking opportunities for practioners
Reviewing and sharing updates on rehabilitation-related research
Providing confidential support to practioners with concerns about ethical and legal issues regarding practice
Working to maintain licensure of the profession in Michigan
Working to promote licensure reciprocity and portability
Collaborating with other disciplines to support each other and resolve practice issues
Promoting occupational therapy services in various practice arenas with employers
Communicating updates to occupational therapy practice requirements as dictated by the State of Michigan Board of Occupational Therapy
Communicating updates on documentation, billing and other requirements from reimbursement sources

* 7. Currently, MiOTA is registered as and has the structure of a non-profit corporation in the state of Michigan.  This means that leaders are made up of a board of member-elected individuals who each hold equal power on the board.  The board consists of: Finance Director, Communications Director, Membership Director, Advocacy Director and Member-at-Large. The board is coordinated by a central figure, the Leader of the Executive Committee, who is a member of executive board in one of the previous positions and is appointed/designated on a yearly basis by Executive Committee Board.  An alternate structure would be to move to a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer structure, with additional positions to continue to preserve the roles of communication, membership and advocacy.

Which structure do you feel would provide the most efficient use of volunteer resources and meet the needs of the organization?

* 8. Add comments regarding question 6

* 9. The current Vision of the Michigan Occupational Therapy Association (MiOTA) is: “that MiOTA is acknowledged by occupational therapy practioners and all stakeholders as the premier resource of knowledge, information, and expertise for the profession of occupational therapy in the state of Michigan.
How well does this fit what you feel should be the Vision of the organization?

* 10. Currently, no term limits have been designated for MiOTA volunteer positions.   We would like to encourage term limits except for in the instance if a position goes unfilled and requires an appointment to be made.  What do you feel would be acceptable term limits?

* 11. What components do you feel are important for MiOTA to include in its vision for Occupational Therapy in the State of Michigan?

* 12. Please provide any additional constructive feedback.