1. Interest in Global Warming Learning and Action

The UW Sustainability Project is a learning-action community for faculty and academic staff who are concerned about issues related to sustainability and global climate change. The Project offers participants an opportunity to learn about these critical issues and to take action on a personal, professional, campus, and community level to address them.

The Project will be organizing faculty and staff into learning-action groups. The following questions will provide us with general information that will be used to assemble multidisciplinary groups that can begin meeting in Fall 2007 (or earlier, if desired).

* 1. Are you interested and willing to participate in a campus learning-action group that will address some part of the global warming issue?

* 2. Name

* 3. Department

* 4. Phone

* 5. Email

* 6. Which of the topics listed below would interest you as the focus of group discussion and action? Select all that are of interest.

* 7. How frequently would you like to meet with a group?

* 8. Where do your interests fall in the range below?

  Research and Understanding Action
Type of Interest

* 9. How do you assess your current knowledge of climate change?

  Beginner Expert
Level of Knowledge

* 10. Would you be interested in helping to launch a learning-action group?

* 11. If you answered yes or maybe above, what is your area of expertise?

* 12. Any additional comments?