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* 1. Your Library

* 2. Your Name and best way to contact you if we have questions to clarify your responses

For the next several sections, we will ask you to prioritize existing ideas that we have heard or collected over the last year. NOTE that we have NOT vetted this list, and ideas could be worded or grouped differently. Rather, we are simply listing every state legislative idea provided by members over the last year. We know that some of these are controversial, long shots, politically untenable or improbable. Note it does not include budget items or collaborations (adult literacy, pre-K) we already support or policies we would fight against (i.e. intellectual freedom challenges, change from appointed to elected boards, property/local income tax changes that hurt libraries or schools). It also does not include areas of advocacy that might include non-governmental partners, external relations or federal advocacy. 

We want you to assess and prioritize each idea from the perspectives of 1) the ILF Mission to advance library service for the benefit of Indiana residents and 2) the ILF Strategic Vision.
Think about:
* To what extent does a policy idea develop or engage a base of supporters for libraries in the long-term?
* To what extent would the policy idea help us move toward our vision of every resident having access to a high quality library from birth to death? or toward our 6 visions (value of libraries, responsive to needs, information literacy, innovations, exceptional staff, organizational strength)? 
* To what extent is the policy idea doable or easy to pass?

THEN in Questions 8-9, we will ask you your own personal/professional priorities for ILF in the short-term and long-term. We thank you in advance for your thoughtful responses.

* 11. Learnings from other states?  Is there a legislative proposal from another state that we could model or avoid? Be specific. 

* 12. What else should the Legislative Committee know about needs, trends or policy issues as we plan Fall Forum and our ILF policy priorities in the short-term and long-term?

* 13. STRATEGIES - Developing the policy priorities is only the first step. Then we must implement our advocacy strategy. Please help us understand your comfort level and experience in each of the areas.

  Comfortable/experienced Not comfortable or experienced, yet INTERESTED Not comfortable or experienced and NOT INTERESTED
Talking with legislators in my district
Talking with legislators at the statehouse
Writing letters to the editor/columns
Asking my board members to talk to legislators
Asking my Friends, Foundations, Vendors to talk with legislators
Asking key leaders or influencers in my community to contact legislators
Organizing a library tour by legislators
Posting library information or an advocacy piece in my library
Communicating with patrons about library advocacy
Participating in a common ILF messaging campaign

* 14. Is there anything else you would want to share about ILF Advocacy?

If you made it to # 14, we really appreciate your time and careful consideration. Don't forget to hit submit below. Thank you!