1. Deadline:
Voting in our endorsements started on Tuesday April 9th and will be open until 5pm on Tuesday April 16th (deadline extended due to the Federal Tax deadline and the events in Boston), so we will continuing posting candidate's answers as they come in. If you submitted your answers and do not see them on our website, please contact Matt Ward at or Dan at We expect that our members will be voting, both on-line and on paper ballots, throughout the voting period.

2. First person:
All answers should be given in the first person, not the name of the candidate. (For example; "I intend to pass the equal pay act my first day in office," not: "Senator Obama will pass the equal pay act his first day in office." We will make the name of the candidate and their website clear at the beginning of each response; this will not count toward your word count. You will enter the candidate name and website at the end of the survey.

3. Word Limit & Drafting Offline:
The word limit is 250 for all questions, unless otherwise indicated. We highly suggest that you draft the answers in a Word doc so that you can count the words in each answer, and then copy and post them over to Survey Monkey. Also, sometimes with web-based programs, you can loose your work if you get disconnected, so it is better to have a Word doc as a back up file.

4. Word Limit Guidelines:
You do not have to use 250 words for each answer; shorter responses are welcome. You also are allowed a margin of 100 extra words to use in total in case any of your answers go over. For example, you could use 53 on one question, 25 on another, and 22 on one other, and then keep the remaining responses at 250 or under. We need to be fair - we will count! If you have a long answer, feel free to post the rest of your answer at your website and include a link. The link counts as one word. You do not have to answer every question, but people who view your answers on our website might notice. If you have finished most of your answers, but need time on others, you may turn in what you have, and the rest later.

5. DFA Endorsements.
DFNYC has been a proud local coalition group of Democracy for America (DFA) since 2004. We have been speaking with Jim Dean and other staffers about the 2013 NYC elections. We will be sharing our candidate recommendations and information with them, so if you want to be considered as well for a DFA endorsement, this process is a good way to start! We don't control their endorsement process, but we do have a large amount of influence.

6. Meeting our members:
In addition to filling out the questionnaire, we want all candidates to have the opportunity to meet our members. Please join us for our DFNYC annual spring fundraiser, which will be taking place before the voting period ends, on Wed. April 10, 2013 from 7 to 9:30pm at Chelsea Manor, 138 W. 25th Street. We have decided that candidates for office in 2013 do not need to contribute, just RSVP so we can confirm that you've filed to run for office this year. Details at our website,