Hi MUG members.

We hope everyone is having a productive and healthy summer.

Here is our first event of the 2020/2021 season.  

The first event:

The Date: Thursday September  24, 2020
Location: Italian Village @ 6pm
Speaker: Steve Fier of IBM (Virtual)
The Topic: Power9 G and Cloud
Description: Steve will be doing a virtual presentation for out group

As of right now (this may change as the season progresses):
Masks into restaurant
Masks at buffets (when applicable)
Masks not required at tables
We will concentrate on going to places with large rooms
Minimum number of members at tables 
We will skip buffets and family style for the foreseen future (ordering off menu or have venue prepare a couple options for us)

Your feedback is important to us and the rest of the membership.

Thank you.

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* 1. Would you be interested in attending an in-person MUG Event if we follow the above requirements?

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* 2. Anything additional to add?