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Compare your energy use with other rotomoulders.

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Complete this quick, anonymous benchmarking survey - see how your company compares with other rotomoulders.

This 493K survey is completely anonymous. When the data is compiled we will tell you where your company is on the industry curve. You won’t know who any of the other points on the chart are and they won’t know where you are! So think of the benchmark benefit.

This is the start of an industry wide poll to assess rotomoulding’s energy consumption impact, and to help determine new energy strategies and products.

493K's Dr Gareth McDowell will present this energy graph showing points for each anonymous company at ARMO 2012, Lyon.

Your industry associations are helping too and we will make the anonymous data completely available at the end of the survey.

Thanks for your participation!
Gareth McDowell

* 1. What is your total energy consumption in kWh or Million BTU within your plant? (include electrical and fuel for your rotomachines and also for your offices)

* 2. How much polymer in kg or lbs is processed in 12 months within your plant? (this should not include polymer that is held in stock but only what is processed through machines)

* 3. At what email address would you like to be contacted?

Make sure you give us your email address so that we can send you the results!