Solarize Longmeadow 2018

The Town of Longmeadow is partnering with the City of Springfield to apply for Solarize, a program sponsored by the Mass Clean Energy Center that will allow our residents to plug into photovoltaic (electricity producing) solar at reduced prices. The program has been successful at providing significant savings on solar installations in communities throughout the Commonwealth. If accepted into the program, Longmeadow residents and businesses would be offered several opportunities for cost savings on energy-efficiency and climate-resiliency. But we need your help.

If you live or work in Longmeadow, we invite you to fill out the survey below, even if you don't think solar is for you, or if you already have solar. We need your input so we can design a program that will meet Longmeadow's needs.

Please also spread the word! Have questions? Email or leave them in the comment box on question 6 and we will get back to you.

Thank you!

Steve Marantz, Longmeadow Environmental Transition Group, Springfield Chapter Citizen's Climate Lobby

* 1. Do you live or work in Longmeadow? We ask that only people who are connected to Longmeadow answer this survey.

* 2. If Longmeadow could offer group purchasing and favorable pricing of solar equipment, installation, and/or solar electricity, how interested would you finding out more about this program?

* 3. What are you interested in?

* 4. Would you be willing to help make this program a success? (You can choose more than one)

* 5. In addition, are you interested in any of the following?

* 6. You can leave any comments here. If you would like to be updated, or help, please leave your name and contact (we won't know otherwise as this is an anonymous survey). You may also email us at Thank you!