The Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) is committed to ensuring that people with disability, their families and carers are able to access emergency management services, facilities and information throughout the State without barriers - safeguarding that no individual is discriminated either directly or indirectly.

Your feedback is important and directly helps to improve our DFES services, information and facilities for people living and working with disability.

Your observations are valued and can make a positive difference. We welcome your feedback.

Please complete the following four questions. This survey will take approximately five minutes to complete.

The information provided will help us to improve our access and inclusion for people with disability.

Any personal information provided will be kept private and confidential.

Thank you in advance.

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* 1. Thinking about disability access and inclusion at DFES, have you experienced any access barriers with any of our services, information or building facilities that you feel that we can improve?

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* 2. Thinking about disability access and inclusion at DFES, is there any initiative or aspect of our services that you would like to compliment us?

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* 3. Do you have any other comments or suggestions to help DFES improve inclusion and access to our services, information, consultation, employment opportunities or building facilities for people with disability?

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* 4. Which category best describes you? (You may select more than one).

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