* 1. Please rate each statement below.

  Strongly Disagree Disagree Agree Strongly Agree N/A
The Purchasing Department staff interacts with suppliers in a professional manner.
The Purchasing Department staff demonstrates the expertise required to address my needs.
The Purchasing Department provides reliable and responsive service to suppliers.
I feel that my contacts/inquiries are important to the Purchasing Staff.
The Purchasing Department webpage (www.grcc.edu/purchasing) is a excellent resource for Purchasing information.
Requested information from the Purchasing Department is accurate. (Bid Tabs, FOIAs, RFP/Q Addendums, etc.)
Requested information from the Purchasing Department is provided promptly.(Bid Tabs, FOIAs, RFP/Q Addendums, etc).
The Shipping and Receiving Department reacts with supplier delivery staff in a professional manner.
I understand the way in which Grand Rapids Community College procures goods and services (POs, Procards, Verbal Orders, etc)
Grand Rapids Community College is ethical with regard to inclusiveness of all supplier categories and awards business fairly.
The bid (RFP/Q) process at Grand Rapids Community College is fair and consistent with other public higher education institutions.
RFP/Q opportunities at Grand Rapids Community College are advertised openly and readily accessible.
Grand Rapids Community College has done a good job of providing workshops to educate the local supplier community on how to engage in business with GRCC and other local entities.
Grand Rapids Community College has done a good job of advertising 2012 bond issue projects and how suppliers (specifically contractors) can engage in those opportunities.
The requirements stated in the RFP/Qs, including the submittal instructions are easy to understand and follow.
The sealed bid opening process is conducted in an open (transparent), fair and professional manner.
Our company is aware of Grand Rapids Community College's implementation of Buy4Michigan.com - www.Buy4Michigan.com.
Purchasing staff arrives fully prepared for pre-bid meetings.
Grand Rapids Community College honors payment terms and pays invoices in a timely manner.
Grand Rapids Community College Purchasing Policy is concise, fair, easy to understand, and readily available.
I have the opportunity to make suggestions that are considered in GRCC's planning processes.
Overall, GRCC is a fair institution to the supplier community. (with regard to business practices, equitable and respectful)

* 2. What suggestions do you have for improvement? (specifically in areas where "strongly disagree" or "disagree" were chosen).

* 3. Do you have suggestions that would make our purchasing process more supplier friendly?

* 4. Additional Comments?

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