Welcome to the Willow Ridge Community Association survey. The following nine (9) questions will help the Board better understand residents' interests in what community offerings are considered into the community event and activity planning in 2018.

Thank you for taking the time to share your ideas!

* 1. I am between the age of:

* 2. I have children.

* 3. I feel a sense of community (belongingness, fellowship, "we-ness") within our Willow Park and Maple Ridge communities.

* 4. What types of activities would you participate in if they were available in Willow Ridge? Please mark all that apply.

* 5. If discounts are available at local businesses when you show your membership card, how likely are you to take advantage of the discount?

* 6. If you could make one suggestion, it would be for the Willow Ridge Community Association Board to...

* 7. Do you have a current (paid) annual membership card?

* 8. How long have you lived in Willow Ridge (either Willow Park or Maple Ridge)?

* 9. Which of the following would you be interested in getting involved and volunteering?

* 10. Your Name (optional)