Share What Medicaid Means for Your Patients

Congress and the Trump administration are looking to cut healthcare funding and significantly change the Medicaid program. This would likely lead to reduced eligibility and benefits for children enrolled in Medicaid.

Are you a healthcare provider with families or children benefiting from Medicaid? Our Congressional representatives need to understand how cuts to these programs will affect their families and their healthcare workforce.

No long-term commitment is necessary. A member of the Voices for Utah Children team will be in touch with you to ask how these health programs have helped your patients. If you grant permission, we will share your story on our website, through social media, and with lawmakers directly. Your story is vital to saving these important programs.
For more information, contact Jessie Mandle, Health Policy Analyst, at or phone at 801-364-1182. 

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* 1. Do you have patients who benefit from Medicaid?

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* 2. How do your patients rely on Medicaid coverage? Please share a story or example below.

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* 3. Provider stories and experiences help educate and inform lawmakers. Can we contact you to learn more?