In March 2020 we conducted a survey into COVID-19 self isolation patterns in 2,888 UK Dental Health Care Professionals.
The results can be found here:
This new survey aims to collect information on the prevalence and pattern of COVID-19 infections in dental professionals.
Why this survey is important
As dental services ramp up in the next few months, we believe it is important to establish whether the dental team is at greater or equal risk of infection than the general population.
The survey will take approximately forty-five seconds to complete.
All questions must be completed.
Please make sure that your are happy with your responses. You can change your mind at any time before you exit the survey.
This survey intends to distinguish between each member of the dental team, e.g. dental technician, dentist, dental nurse, dental hygienist and dental therapist.

Identifiable Personal Information
The survey is designed such that you will only be able to take the survey once from each device. This is to maintain data integrity. Please note that individual devices are not being tracked.

IP addresses will also be collected to ensure the integrity of the data. IP address will not necessarily disclose your identity. IP addresses are often indicative of a geographic location.
In order that the results of this poll are valid, it will be necessary to additionally collect GDC registration numbers to ensure that there are no duplicate entries.

You can rest assured that this information will remain secure, and once the data has been tested for integrity, in the final analysis the results will be anonymised.

If you are unhappy or uneasy with providing your GDC number, then regretfully you cannot take part in this survey.

We very much appreciate your time and help in collecting this important information.
GDC Number 67277
Ronuk Vasant BDS (Lon) LLM (Card) MClinDent (UCL) FDS RCS (Ed) MRD RCS (Eng) FHEA
GDC Number 83713
Dominic O'Hooley BDS MFDS RCS(Eng) MFDS RCPS(Glasg)
GDC Number 69316