Changing Our World invites you to participate in this survey with the partnership of YourCause + Blackbaud and ACCP.

The purpose of this “DEI in Grantmaking Survey” is to better understand how companies are integrating DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) into their corporate giving programs. While the subject matter can be complex and nuanced based on the distinct definitions and priorities of each company, the goal for this survey is to focus on straightforward, high-level questions to provide a general picture of the landscape.

As you answer the questions, please know that we understand that your company and/or corporate foundation may define DEI in its own way, through its unique lens. This is perfectly fine! Some questions aim to dig deeper to understand the different approaches companies are taking, and others seek to understand, at the highest level, how many companies are addressing DEI in their own ways.

We will compile and analyze participant responses to better understand the current state of DEI practices in the corporate grantmaking field, and share those results to the market.   

We estimate this survey will take respondents 10 minutes to complete.  

Thank you! 

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