* 1. Please provide your name as well as your school, district or organization name.

* 2. What is your current level of understanding about what competency-based learning entails?

* 3. Based on your current understanding, what are the most distinguishing attributes of competency-based learning?

* 4. What questions do you have about competency-based learning? What else do you want to learn?

* 5. What level of interest do you have in implementing competency-based learning in your school or district, across districts and/or throughout the state?

* 6. What attribute(s) are of greatest interest to you to implement in your school or district, across districts, or throughout the state?

* 7. If you are representing a school or district, how currently engaged is your district or school in implementing attributes of competency-based learning?

* 8. What barriers in policy or practice do you see to implementing competency-based learning in Delaware?