DECA asks your participation in a survey that will help us with some basic information on your needs as we create new initiatives for our Member Camps. There are only 10 questions. This survey should take 10 minutes or less. Thank you for your valuable time.

* 1. 1. Do you:

* 2. Do you:

* 3. Are your staff:

* 4. Do you:

* 5. Do you employ/use your own nutritionists/dietitians?

* 6. The next five questions involve an initiative that DECA is planning called the DECA Camp Assistance Team (DCAT). DCAT would provide consulting services free of charge, or at very low cost, to Member Camps in specific areas, noted below. We would like your input to help us determine which areas are priorities for camps. This will help us recruit volunteers from the DECA community to serve as DCAT consultants. Thank you in advance for your participation.

Within the five camp headings below, please check all topics that your camp may need assistance with in the future.

Site and Food Service

* 7. Health and Wellness

* 8. Program

* 9. Management/Operations

* 10. Human Resources