Thank you for your interest in Diabetes Distress. We hope you found the information helpful. This test will help reinforce what you learned on the web site and facilitate your receiving a certificate for your hard work. The goal is for you to answer every question correctly and have a perfect score.

If your answer is wrong after you press the next button you will see the correct answer and a short explanation. You will be asked to click on the previous button so you can go back and answer the question correctly. The test is configured to help you have the correct answer (and have a score of 100) but you have to go back and change the answer. If you choose the correct answer you will automatically go to the next question.

Please send me an email at to let me know you have completed the test. I will then send you a certificate indicating you have completed all the requirements for the Diabetes Distress Learning Center .

Thanks again for you interest in helping the many people in your area that have diabetes.

Edward Shahady MD
Medical Director Diabetes Master Clinician Program

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