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Spurred along by anglers, DNR is proposing sunfish bag limit reductions on many lakes to promote large sunfish. Sunfish are the most harvested fish in Minnesota and among our most highly prized game fish! Unfortunately, our love for sunfish has led to smaller sunfish in many lakes. Reducing bag limits can help maintain or improve sunfish size.

Numerous Minnesota angler attitude surveys show most anglers are satisfied with the number of sunfish they catch, but are often dissatisfied with size. Additionally, everyday anglers, professional guides, resort owners, and fishing celebrities are increasingly expressing concern about the vulnerability of large sunfish. Working with these groups, DNR Fisheries has identified more than 100 lakes that may benefit from protection through lower limits. Regulations work best if anglers support them so the DNR wants your input on these proposed changes!

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Currently the statewide bag limit is 20 sunfish. We are considering two bag limit reduction options for each of the lakes. :
  • 10 fish bag limit: intended to maintain large sunfish already present. Some lakes may also see increases in average size.
  • 5 fish bag limit: intended to increase the number of large sunfish in lakes that show potential. 
We want to know how supportive you are of these options. You can choose to respond "In general" or "For a specific lake". If you choose to respond "For a specific lake" you will be asked to indicate support or opposition for each bag limit option for up to five specific lakes currently proposed. If you choose to respond "In general" we will assume your responses can be applied to any and all lakes. Note: these would be considered daily bag limits and an angler could keep 5 or 10 sunfish each day from a lake until they reached their statewide possession limit of 20.

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