Kiteboarding Questionaire

Hello and thank you in advance for taking a moment to answer the following 17 questions about your kiteboarding experience. If you have any questions or comments, please contact me (Maryam Keyvani) at Thank you very much and happy kiting!

* 1. Which country do you live in?

* 2. Gender

* 3. Age

* 4. Marital Status

* 5. Do you have any children?

* 6. What is your annual household income in US Dollars?

* 7. How long have you been kitesurfing?

* 8. How did you learn to kitesurf?

* 9. If you took lessons while on vacation, how did you pick the kite school/instructor? Skip this question if you did not learn while on vacation.

* 10. How many kiting trips to NEW destinations have you taken in the past 3 years? NEW destination is a beach more than a two-hour drive away that you visited for the first time.

* 11. If you did not pick 0 for the previous question, how did you choose the destination(s) and accommodation(s)? You can pick more than one. Skip if you answered 0.

* 12. In picking a destination for kiteboarding how important are the following criteria for you?

  Very important Somewhat important Not important at all
Weather, water temperature, historical average wind speed
Whether it has flat water or waves
Distance from home and ease of getting to the beach
Entertainment, restaurants, clubs, etc.
Existance of activities for non-kiter family members, friends, and children
Familiarity with the language

* 13. How many NEW kites have you bought in the last 3 years?

* 14. If you did not pick 0 for the previous question, how did you buy those kite(s)? You can pick more than one answer. Skip if you answered 0.

* 15. How often do you visit a kitesurfing website for the following reasons?

  Almost always Sometimes Very rarely Never
Watching videos & pictures of pros
Reading reviews of kiting equipment
Finding new kiting destinations
Checking wind & weather conditions
Commenting on forums and finding friends to kite with
Buying kites or boards
Buying accessories
Reading news, articles, interviews, and instructional material

* 16. Please list a few kiteboarding websites that you have visited in the past year.

* 17. How else can the Internet help improve your kiting experience?