* 1. What is the best way for the national office to communicate with you?

* 2. Do you pay your dues by check or online?

* 3. Do you have a profile in Democracy in Action (DIA), our online database?

* 4. Have you reviewed your DIA profile and financial records?

* 5. If so, are they accurate?

* 6. Are you a branch member? If so, please indicate which branch you are affiliated with.
If you are affiliated with a branch please answer questions 7, 8 and 9. If not, skip to question 10:

* 7. How best do you communicate with your branch?

* 8. How does your branch communicate with you as a member?

* 9. How would you rate the level of technology of your branch? Are members engaging with one another online?

* 10. Over the last year, WILPF has begun to communicate more with our membership through the internet. One of these strategies has been the dissemination of our monthly e-news letters and action alerts. Do you receive these emails?

If you do not, skip to question 14. (If you are not receiving the emails and would like to have help troubleshooting this issue, please leave your contact information at the end of the survey in the feedback area indicated by question 34, and we will resolve the error).

* 11. Do you find the content to be helpful in your activism?

* 12. Which e-news letter or action alert has been most significant for you?

* 13. How do you find the format? i.e. is it easy to read and are the live-links accessible, etc.

* 14. As a multi-issue organization, we cover a variety of peace and justice concerns. What issues do you see yourself engaging with the most?

* 15. As an advocacy organization, WILPF is most successful when it engages

* 16. As a member of an advocacy organization, what types of activism do you find are most successful? i.e. protest, writing letters, tabling, research and journalism, discussion groups, branch meetings, vigils, demonstrations, civil disobedience, etc.

* 17. What is your individual preferred method of activism? i.e. protest, writing letters, tabling, research and journalism, discussion groups, branch meetings, vigils, demonstrations, civil disobedience, etc.

* 18. If you are a member of a branch, what issues do you see your branch engaging with the most?

* 19. Which of the WILPF pillars is most important to you as an individual?

* 20. Does WILPF help you with your activism? In what way? (Please be specific)

* 21. Are you involved with any WILPF issue committee? If so, which committee(s)? Check all that apply.

* 22. Do you know how to contact the issue committees?

* 23. In addition to e-alerts and e-news, what kinds of communication would you like to receive from issue committees?

* 24. As a member, do you feel that WILPF is targeting the most critical issues?

* 25. If you feel that we are not, please indicate which issues you would like to see covered.

* 26. Do you feel that your branch is working consistently with the following WILPF goals?

  Yes No
Opposition to war and militarism
Human rights for all
Care for the Earth

* 27. At WILPF, we want to discover the best practices in working as a social justice organization. If you are a member of a branch, what have been some of the particular successes of the work of your branch? Where have you found that you have fallen short as a branch?

* 28. Do you feel that our print magazine Peace and Freedom adequately represents the work of WILPF?

* 29. If not, how could it better do so?

* 30. Did you participate in one of the White Privilege workshops sponsored by WILPF over the past year?

* 31. If so, how did you find that workshop useful?

* 32. Over the past year, have you had direct contact with WILPF’s national office?

* 33. If so, how satisfied were you with the response you received?

* 34. If you would like follow up on any issues, please leave your comments and contact information here: