Individual Community Survey

* 1. De Soto is a great place to live

* 2. De Soto is a great place to raise children

* 3. De Soto should grow in size and population 

* 4. I am happy with the City's parks and recreation

* 5. De Soto is a great place to start a business

* 6. De Soto is a great place to retire

* 7. De Soto is a great place to visit

* 8. Issues facing the City of De Soto over the next 10-20 years - please rate each of the issues as they apply to the City of De Soto from (1) no concern to (5) major concern.

  1) No concern 2) Slight concern 3) Moderate concern 4) Great concern 5) Major concern
a) Crime (violence, drugs and safety issues)
b) K-10 corridor developmenet
c) Downtown revitalization
d) Property maintenance-private residences
e) Unemployment/job creation
f) Economic development
g) Transportation circulation or congestion
h) Annexation
i) Access to quality shopping and dining
j) Quality and delivery of city services
k) Parks and recreation for all age groups
l) Floodplain management
m) Apartments, duplexes and rental housing
n) Farmland preservation

* 9. De Soto's Strengths - please rate the following strengths as they apply to the City of De Soto from (1) the least valuable to (5) the most valuable.

  1) Least valuable 2) Slightly valuable 3) Moderately valuable 4) Greatly valuable 5) Extremely valuable
a) Highway access & visability
b) Small town atmosphere
c) Heritage (Kaw River, native cultures, Sunflower Plant, etc.)
d) Historic downtown
e) Local industries
f) Religious Institutions
g) Location
h) Commercial & retail establishments
i) Access to quality housing
j) Housing stock and neighborhoods
k) Resident population (the community)
l) Schools
m) Municipal services
n) Kaw River, scenic vistas, and open spaces
o) Parks and recreational programs
p) Organizations and committees

* 10. What are De Soto's biggest constraints with regard to neighborhood stability, economic development and other quality of life issues?

* 11. How are the public services in the City of De Soto? Rank the quality of services from 1-5, five (5) being excellent, one (1) being poor.

  1) Poor 2) Slightly Poor 3) Moderate 4) Good 5) Excellent
a) Police
b) Fire
c) Storm water management
d) Sanitary sewer
e) Drinking water
f) Street Maintenance
g) Planning and Zoning
h) Building code enforcement
i) Winter maintenance- snow plowing / salt
j) Parks and Recreation
k) Trash and recycling
l) Yard waste collection

* 12. Why do you choose to live and/or work in De Soto?

* 13. The City of De Soto should expand through annexation.  If yes, where?

* 14. The City should have more sidewalks and bike paths.  If yes, where?

* 15. I would support a tax or bond to fund street improvements.  If yes, where?

* 16. I would support a tax or bond to fund park/rec improvements.  If yes, where?

* 17. I am generally pleased with the City's Public Services.  If no, why?

* 18. There is sufficient housing options in the City.  If no, what is needed?

* 19. The City should have more parks and walking areas.  If yes, where?

* 20. Traffic congestion is a problem.  If yes, where?

* 21. The City does a good job with seasonal events.  If no, describe the type of events recommended.

* 22. The historic downtown should be restored.

* 23. Should De Soto focus on activities that promote the use of the Kansas River?

* 24. There are sufficient recreation programs for youth in De Soto

* 25. There are sufficient recreation programs for seniors in De Soto.

* 26. De Soto should invest money in incentives to attract new businesses.

* 27. There are sufficient employment opportunities in town.

* 28. Please add any additional information you feel would aid in our understanding of De Soto.

* 29. Surveyor Background Information