1. Electronic Communications

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The Waldorf School of Lexington transitioned last year to electronic delivery of required forms and the Address Directory via a password protected section of the website. Primary reasons for the change were: to save costs on mailings, printing, and paper; to reduce staff time; and to change institutional practices to show more responsibility for environmental and sustainability concerns. Significant savings in these areas have been realized as a result.

As we plan next year's communications, we are seeking your feedback about electronic delivery.

1. Many people have asked that the Family/Class List information be regularly updated. In repsonse, we are planning monthly updates of this information in separate Family and Class List directories. These lists will be available via the Parent Pages of the website.

How important is it to you to also receive a print-out of the Family & Class List directories at the beginning of the year, even though some of this information will change during the year? Please also keep in mind the additional costs to the school and the environment.

  Strongly Prefer Prefer Neutral Dislike Strongly dislike

2. Next year, the Faculty & Resource directory listings (e.g. Faculty/Staff, Board of Trustees, Committees, PCA information, Class Parents) will be available electronically via the Parent Pages as a separate "Resource Directory." Unlike the Family & Class List Directories, this information does not change during the year.

How important is it to you that the school provide a printed version of the Faculty & Resource Directory?

  Strongly Prefer Prefer Neutral Dislike Strongly dislike
Printed version

3. If we are able to provide the information, would it be useful to include cell telephone and email contact information in the Family & Class List directories?

  Yes No Don't Care
Cell telephone

4. Are you willing to publish/share the your cell telephone number in the Family & Class List directories?

  Yes No
Cell telephone #
Email address