* 1. Your name:

* 2. Which GSMWLP property did you rent?

* 3. Which parts of the property did you use?

* 4. Was this the first time at this property for the majority of your group?

* 5. If members of your group have been to this property before, what did they attend?

* 6. Please rate the following:

  Poor Could be better Good Excellent
Ease of property reservation process.
Rental policies and procedures easily understood.
Facility meets your group's needs
Accessibility for all members of your group
Condition of the facilities used--buildings
Condition of the grounds (outdoors)
Basic equipment and supplies provided
Overall satisfaction with your stay.

* 7. Please let us know how we can improve on anything you rated lower than excellent, or any other feedback that will be useful for us.

* 8. Would you rent this property again?

* 9. How did you find out about renting this site?